Representative Publications:

  • 1. Titanocene(III) chloride mediated radical induced synthesis of (-)methylenolactocin and (-)-protolichesterinic acid, Sumit Saha and Subhas Chandra Roy. Tetrahedron, 2010, 66, 4278.
  • 2.Titanocene(III) mediated radical induced asymmetric synthesis of a-methylene g-butyro lactone”. Sumit Saha, Samir Kumar Mandal, Subhas Chandra Roy. Tetrahedron Lett. 2011, 52, 3128.
  • 3.Titanocene(III) chloride mediated radical induced allylation of aldimines: Formal synthesis of C(4)–C(5¢)-linked 4¢-deoxy aza-D-disaccharide  Sumit Saha  and Subhas Chandra Roy. Journal of  Organic Chemistry, 2011, 767229.
  • 4. Titanocene(III) chloride mediated formal synthesis of magnofargesin and  7′ – Epimagnofargesin” Pushkin Chakraborty, Samaresh Jana, Sumit Saha, Subhas Chandra Roy, Tetrahedron Lett.2012, 53, 6584.
  • 5. ” Concise and simple synthesis of 1-aryl-2-hetero alcohols: advanced intermediates for the synthesis of naturally occurring bio-active small molecules”  Sumit Saha, Pushkin Chakraborty, Subhas C Roy* Accepted Journal of Chem.  Science, 2014